Sunday, June 19, 2011

We've Got Your Back - Dinner with Your Doctor

This year has been very exciting in our practice!   I have long dreamed of having an initiative in our office that supports your development care.  The idea of development care begins with the recognition that people who are 2 years old have different requirements than those that are 20 years old.  We recognize that as you exist on earth you continue to develop or evolve into a more complex and hopefully more complete human being and that, for your health, maintenance is just not good enough. 

When I started practicing, the priority was to create a great initial Trial Period of Care.  We did that and moved on to successfully create a complete and thorough Recovery Care.  With the addition of new chiropractors, Dr. Bohemier and Dr. Hopf, we have been able to have enough "elbow grease" to create some new initiatives toward our third and final phase of care, Development Care.

Development care starts as soon as you begin in our office but includes initiatives that aim to increase your Health IQ in the critical balances involved with health: Body Balance, Chemical Balance, Mental Balance & Environmental Balance.  One of those initiatives in our monthly dinner with your doctor series.  "We've Got Your Back - Dinner with Your Doctor", allows you to engage the knowledge held by the doctor of chiropractic in our clinic as well as visiting experts on a variety of topics critical to your ability to age gracefully.

Our inaugural dinner was very well attended by many of you.  Thank you for bringing your friends so that we could support health education in your sphere of influence.  If you have yet to attend a dinner, you are invited.  Tickets can be acquired by calling our office (  By bringing a friend that is not a patient in our practice, not only will you have company at the dinner but you will help facililiate our vision of helping our society develop a more sophisticated health IQ.

The next dinner is called "Feed Your Spine" and will provide information on how understanding and applying the nutritional building blocks involved in health not only makes you feel great but also helps you maintain a healthy and properly balanced spine.

See you there!